Self Defense Moose Jaw

Building Confidence


One of the biggest advantages of taking Self Defense Moose Jaw is the way it makes you feel afterwards.  Many are unsure of their abilities before taking class.  This could be due to personal experiences or other factors.  Self Defense builds confidence in yourself, teaches you how to protect yourself, and helps mold you into a better person.

Physical Conditioning

The whole point of Self Defense classes is to prepare you for real life situations.  Training and repetition help prepare you as they increase muscle memory allowing for more reaction and less time thinking.   

Awareness of Surroundings


Today more than ever Self Defense is paramount.  Whether it's traveling, going to a new school, moving away from home, working in a high risk environment or you are just looking to improve street awareness.  Self Defense teaches you to mind your surroundings at all times should a situation arise when you need to act.