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Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons program is from ages 4 - 6.  Little Dragons focus on building coordination, self control and self discipline.  

Junior Beginners and Intermediate

Our Junior Beginners and Intermediate program builds on encouraging physical activity, focus, self confidence, and self respect.  

Junior advanced and Adult

In addition to learning new and advanced skills, our Junior Advanced and Adult program increases focus, improves mental health, relieves stress, and develops self discipline.

Personal Fitness

Providing an excellent fitness workout that increases strength, flexibility, coordination, and self confidence. You'll get a total body workout, lose weight, improve cardiovascular health and increase muscle tone.  

Self Defence

One of the most important reasons, but often not talked about enough is self defense.  Our programs all offer different levels of self defense that are taught for practical use.


Training from youth to adult, students learn to master this ancient and dynamic weapon.  Bojutsu Moose Jaw offers a very balanced program focusing on combat, forms, and visual elements.

Meet the Instructors

Master Warren Miller - 5th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt

Master Warren Miller has called Moose Jaw home since 1998.  He has been teaching Taekwondo and self defense programs for the past 16 years.  He was awarded the designation of Master instructor by Grand Master Sung Ju Kim in 2013.  Master Miller is also a 1st class National Referee.  Master Miller believes in giving back to his community and ensuring affordable martial arts training is available to residents of Moose Jaw and area.  Master Miller's two daughters Mackenzie and Madison are both former provincial champion Black Belt competitors and still assist others with preparing for competitions or helping with the self defense program.  Master Millers favorite times of the year are belt testing where students showcase the skills they have learned and developed over the preceding months in order to promote to their next belt level.  He takes great pride in the accomplishments of his students.  During the summer months Master Miller enjoys spending time with family and friends camping at Lake Diefenbaker.  He looks forward to an opportunity to meet with you to discuss training options for you and your children.

Mr. Nathan Douglas - 3rd Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt

Mr. Nathan Douglas has lived in Moose Jaw most of his life.  He has been practicing Taekwondo since 1998.  He has always been passionate about Taekwondo, so teaching has been a natural fit. Nathan takes pride in teaching students techniques and reaching goals they thought they were not achievable.  He  has been teaching since 2012.  In addition to being a Taekwondo instructor Nathan also teaches Bojutsu (staff techniques).  In December 2017 Nathan became to first certified American Style Bojutsu instructor in all of Canada.  In his free time Nathan likes to spend time with his wife Sarah and kids Tailynn and Jake.  Nathan always welcomes students of all ages to come and train with him.

Kim's Fall 2018 trailer


Kim's Moose Jaw Taekwondo has provided our child with exceptional training.  The instructors are extremely experienced and teach skill, confidence and discipline.  Her strength, flexibility, and conditioning have exceeded our expectations and continue to grow.  

- Trish 

This class/club has shown me a whole new other side of community.  It is amazing how supportive everyone is, kids and adults alike.  The coaches are very encouraging and supper supportive!  Thorougly enjoy Taekwondo and plan to continue in the future.

- Jenna

Our 13 year old son decided to try Taekwondo for the first time September 2016.  The atmosphere at the club right from the very first class was very positive while providing him a great combination of discipline and an energetic workout twice a week.  He was very excited to test for and receive his yellow belt.  We also appreciated the added benefit of other participants willing to improve our sons techniques and skills.  We are learning about this sport as our son does but are continually impressed with the level of commitment from the instructors to the success of each student!  They give great instruction and encouragement in class.  Our son is now looking forward to testing for his orange belt.

- The Sandbeck family

Before Taekwondo our daughter was very shy and timid.  We picked Taekwondo because we believed it would giver her the confidence that she needed to realized her full potential.  Since joining she has blossomed into a strong confident, young lady and it's nice to see her set goals for herself.  

- Dorothy 

It is hard to make time to exercise with a family and full-time job.  I get a fun, intense workout twice a week with Taekwondo.  The classes are welcoming and well run for both adults and children.  Respect and discipline is maintained in class while still providing a fun and challenging experience.  The instructors strike a very good balance between traditional martial arts and practical self defense training.  there is a good variety of skills and activities from week to week that helps keep each class interesting and fresh.

- Bret

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