Little Dragons

Foundations of Taekwondo

Our little Dragons Taekwondo program provides the foundations for self development, awareness and personal fitness.  Little Dragons gain self confidence, build strength and coordination and learn self discipline. Providing a baseline to the athletic development of our students.

Beginner & Intermediate Junior

Improving Skills and Development

Our Beginners and Intermediate Juniors program builds on the foundations from our Little Dragons Program.   This class emphasizes Taekwondo philosophy, spirit, breathing  techniques, focus training, stretching & conditioning, exposure to  basic blocks & strikes (hand and feet), fighting techniques,  traditional forms and introduction to sparring and practical self defense methods.

Advanced Junior & Adult

Preparation for Black Belt

Our Advanced Junior & Adult program provides a blend of exercise for the mind and body.  Advanced forms, fighting techniques, sparring, kicking and more "real life" situational self defense.  You will gain increased flexibility, energy, strength, and build coordination.  It relieves stress and anxiety caused by work or school.  This class begins to prepare students for Black Belt.

Family Class

Families that Kick together Stick together

Our Family Class provides a safe, fun setting for everyone in the family to train together.  This program is open to mixed belts allowing students to progress all the way to Blackbelt. Participating in Taekwondo with family is a fun way to create memories that last a lifetime.