Bojutsu Moose Jaw


Providing a fun and exciting workout while mastering this ancient and dynamic weapon

Bo training is not only fun, it improves coordination, builds strength in the upper body, is low impact and gives you an understanding of weapon movement.  Bojutsu Moose Jaw is an extremely balanced program focusing on combat, forms, and visual elements.   


A Martial Art focused on Staff Fighting

Blending styles from Sword Fighting, English Quarterstaff, Fencing, Chinese and Japanese staff.  Bojutsu Moose Jaw is unique and satisfying.  Earn rank, train as an alternate upper-body workout, train for the visual or combat elements.  If you are looking to train with Martial Arts Weapons the Bo is practical, accessible, and a lot of fun.


Self Mastery

Bojutsu Moose Jaw trains youth to adult. You will learn a variety of techniques, improve footwork, understand use of a blunt weapon, weapons sparring and how a weapon is used practically to defend yourself. 

Testimonials / FAQ's



My first time doing Bojutsu was at one of Nathan's free classes in the summer.  I wanted to give it a try because I needed to start exercising more and wanted something different than just going to the gym.  I had done Martial Arts in the past but the idea of learning how to use a Bo staff intrigued me, and after that first class, I was sweating and my body was fatigued but i felt good.  After talking to Nathan after class I decided to commit to the fall class.  It was the best decision I could have ever made.  Everyone in the class has fun and encourages one another and there really is a sense of comradely, whether its helping one another help fine tune the movements, to friendly rivalries.  On top of everything Nathan is an incredible teacher.  He is dedicated to each of his students being the best they can be, he is patient and offers critiques in a way that doesn't make you feel discouraged.  He wants you to succeed and he gives you all the tools you need to prepare for your Chevron Exams and is honest if he feels you need more time.  I recommend this to all my friends who want something different and challenging because lets be honest, who doesn't want to secretly be Darth Maul at the end of the day?  I encourage anyone who even has the slightest interest to come try out a class because you won't be disappointed.


Bojutsu has been a perfect fit for my daughter and I.  I took martial arts when i was younger and it's something that has always stuck with me as a positive and empowering skill set so when I had children of my own I knew it was something I wanted for them too.  Finding a good class turned out to be an interesting challenge because my older daughter has autism.  Nathan's class has been ideal.  It has just the right balance of informal setting so that my daughter feels comfortable and skill offered from the teacher so that I don't feel bored or disinterested to share a class with her.  Bojutsu is a fun, interesting, practical class that is flexible enough to fit a wide variety of different people.


For me it is about learning to keep the mind active.  Having to use a Bo was new and something I've always wanted to use while training in a Martial Art.  Our instructor is very respectful of his students and thrives to have the students do their best.  It is a welcome environment.  I can't wait to learn more.


We each have varying levels and years of experience in Martial Arts and saw this as a unique opportunity to explore something new.  Bojutsu is a nice combination of traditional Martial Arts, modern components, and fun.  The workout can be as hard as you want to make it, if you choose to work hard you will be sweating.  We have been practitioners for a short time but have seen our skills grow, in no small pat due to Nathan's extensive experience in teaching.  The class is challenging but at no point have we felt we didn't belong or that were unwelcome which, is significant considering the mix of skill levels and ages.  It is our plan to continue to train with Nathan into the foreseeable future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Bojutsu?

A:  Bojutsu is the art of staff techniques.

Q:  Do I need Martial Arts experience to take Bojutsu?

A:  Not at all, previous Martial Arts experience is a bonus but not a requirement.

Q:  Am I too old or too young to take Bojutsu?

A:  We accept students ranging in age from 7 and up.  Bojutsu is easy to modify to ensure just the right amount of challenge for any age.

Q:  Will I learn to use more than just a staff?

A:  Yes, the Staff is the primary weapon of focus however each session another traditional weapon (Sai, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Kama) is introduced to learn the basic movement of the weapon.

Q:  Can i earn rank or promotion?

A:  Yes, Bojutsu Moose Jaw uses a unique Chevron ranking system to identify rank similar to belt ranking (yellow to black).  All rank is certified through the Global Martial Arts Association.