Bojutsu Moose Jaw


Providing a fun and exciting workout while mastering this ancient and dynamic weapon

Bo training is not only fun, it improves coordination, builds strength in the upper body, is low impact and gives you an understanding of weapon movement.  Bojutsu Moose Jaw is an extremely balanced program focusing on combat, forms, and visual elements.   


A Martial Art focused on Staff Fighting

Blending styles from Sword Fighting, English Quarterstaff, Fencing, Chinese and Japanese staff.  Bojutsu Moose Jaw is unique and satisfying.  Earn rank, train as an alternate upper-body workout, train for the visual or combat elements.  If you are looking to train with Martial Arts Weapons the Bo is practical, accessible, and a lot of fun.


Self Mastery

Bojutsu Moose Jaw trains youth to adult. You will learn a variety of techniques, improve footwork, understand use of a blunt weapon, weapons sparring and how a weapon is used practically to defend yourself. 

Bojutsu Winter/Spring 2018

Testimonials / FAQ's



Taking Martial Arts training with a Bo has been an incredibly cool leap for me.  Bojutsu is a fascinating mixture of calm mental focus and elegant, powerful movement.  Nathan Sir's skill and instruction is top notch and unique.  It's awesome to have access to such a specialized course in our community where parents can train alongside their kids and everyone is fully encouraged and supported.  The growth we've achieved in just a few months has been unbelievable.  We always look forward to the classes, as they're just the right balance of fun and challenge.  Highly recommend giving it a try!


For me it is about learning to keep the mind active.  Having to use a Bo was new and something I've always wanted to use while training in a Martial Art.  Our instructor is very respectful of his students and thrives to have the students do their best.  It is a welcome environment.  I can't wait to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Bojutsu?

A:  Bojutsu is the art of staff techniques.

Q:  Do I need Martial Arts experience to take Bojutsu?

A:  Not at all, previous Martial Arts experience is a bonus but not a requirement.

Q:  Am I too old or too young to take Bojutsu?

A:  We accept students ranging in age from 7 and up.  Bojutsu is easy to modify to ensure just the right amount of challenge for any age.

Q:  Will I learn to use more than just a staff?

A:  Yes, the Staff is the primary weapon of focus however each session another traditional weapon (Sai, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Kama) is introduced to learn the basic movement of the weapon.

Q:  Can i earn rank or promotion?

A:  Yes, Bojutsu Moose Jaw uses a unique Chevron ranking system to identify rank similar to belt ranking (yellow to black).  All rank is certified through the Global Martial Arts Association.